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EcoAction Partners envisions a world where people and their communities partner to enhance local self-reliance and ensure a sustainable future. Our mission is to inspire, initiate and support collaborative community actions that enhance resilient economic, environmental and social systems.

Currently, we run programs throughout the greater San Miguel County region to accomplish Greenhouse Gas reduction, focusing on Energy, Waste, and Food efforts. Our staff and volunteers actively support sustainability in our community through programs such as our Green Business Certification, Program, Truth or Dare Community Challenge, Zero Waste Teams at Telluride’s festivals (and regional events), and much more.

EcoAction Partners originated as The New Community Coalition in 2007 to implement sustainability efforts in San Miguel county. Our 501(c)3 non-profit organization is funded by the Town of Telluride, Town of Mountain Village, and San Miguel County. We have also received major funding in the past and present years from the Telluride Foundation, Faraway Foundation, Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association and San Miguel Power Association. Our name was changed to EcoAction Partners in the Spring of 2012 to emphasize our active role in the community on the forefront of San Miguel County’s sustainability initiatives.



335 W. Colorado Ave., Unit B (behind the thrift shop, next to the food bank). Click the map icon for directions. 


Heather Rommel, Executive Director

Kim Wheels, Energy Programs Coordinator

Kris Holstrom, Food Programs Coordinator

Heather Brown, Media & Marketing Coordinator

Amie Martell, Truth or Dare Program Coordinator

Ashley Babcock, Green Business Program Coordinator


Elaine Fischer – San Miguel County representative

John Howe – Town of Mountain Village representative

Chris Myers – At Large

Kathy Green – At Large

Todd Brown – Town of Telluride representative

Angela Dye – At Large

Audrey Morton – At Large

Anne Brown – At Large