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Commercial & Multi-Family Energy


ICAST (International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We develop and implement market-based solutions for issues that plague underserved communities. Our projects promote sustainable community development by creating social enterprises in the clean energy and resource utilization space. For more information visit

Mesa Point Energy
Mesa Point Energy (MPE) is an energy consulting company incorporated in Colorado. Their services focus on energy conservation and renewable energy in buildings and industrial facilities. Their capabilities are based on over 25 years providing technical and administrative support and services to help reduce energy use and improve end-users bottom line. For more information visit

Lotus Energy Solutions
Lotus Energy Solutions is a small local business focused on providing home energy efficiency consultation for the San Miguel County region. They provide expertise on reducing your home or business’ energy consumption, and can certify your home as ENERGY STAR. For more information visit

San Miguel Power Partners
San Miguel Power Partners is turn-key energy efficiency program that walks you through the entire process of making improvements to your home or business. For more information visit


San Miguel Power Association Rebate Program
San Miguel Power Association offers rebates for Energy Star Appliances, LED Lighting, Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Water Heaters, Weatherization, Low Income Weatherization, Electric Vehicles, Motors, and Special Programs. For more information about SMPA's rebate program, visit

SourceGas Rebate Program (ExcessIsOut):
Cutting excess energy use has never been this cost-effective, We are proud to offer rebates on qualifying home-heating, water-heating and commercial equipment. For more information visit

SourceGas Energy Custom Energy Efficiency Program
The Custom Energy-Efficiency Program offers financial incentives to promote installation of energy-efficiency measures for Colorado SourceGas Energy Customers. Eligible participants may include multifamily customers, large commercial and industrial customers, customers with unique equipment needs or applications, and those with single family residences larger than 6,000 square feet. For more information visit

Federal Tax Rebates
For more information visit