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Service Providers

Service Providers


Note: This is a list of service providers who serve San Miguel County and have expressed an interest in being included in EcoAction Partner’s informational listings. EcoAction Partners recommends the homeowner fully research qualifications of service providers and choose the provider who best fits their needs. 


Alpenglow Building + Design Inc. is a true design-build firm based in Durango Colorado that focuses primarily on high-performance buildings with an emphasis on Passive House Construction. Alpenglow seeks to integrate modern technology within all buildings to drastically reduce the overall carbon footprint and consumptive nature of buildings. In business for over 15 years, Alpenglow has been implementing resource-sensitive details and specifications into the inspiring and creative spaces that compliment the landscape in the Southwest.

Contact: Michael Carrier at or 970-560-0888

Provides grid tied and battery backup solar electric systems, and solar thermal systems. We design, install, and maintain these systems. We use evacuated tubes for solar thermal systems that are very efficient in our cold climate. We also file all rebate applications, perform home energy audits, sell compact florescent light bulbs, and sun ovens.

Contact: Leif Juell at or 970-626-9842

Conservation Benchmarks, LLC provides energy efficiency services for business, homeowners, and government agencies. Our services include building energy audits, commissioning and recommissioning, project management, and performance contract review. We approach every project with the goal of identifying energy efficient solutions that will provide the best value and financial returns for our customers. We understand that energy efficiency is important for business image, and that each project must be financially favorable for the bottom line.

Contact: Mac Campbell at or 406-223-2072

LED Supply Co. 




LED supply Company offers the best is LED lighting ad induction lighting products are we pride ourselves on every unit of energy we save our clients. Our prices are competitive we’re committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service. Our empoyees are friendly and weill be there to help you every step of the way.

Contact: Grant Bierschank at 303-513-9545 

Lotus Energy Solutions is dedicated to building energy efficiency for the San Miguel County region.  They provide expertise on reducing your home or business’ energy consumption, including providing full-service energy audits, Home Energy Ratings (HERS) and heat load calculations (Manual J) for new construction. 

Contact: Kim Wheels at or 970-708-9674






Luminosity is an architectural lighting design firm focused on lighting for the interior and exterior environment.  Our design approach aims to enrich the architectural form and positively impact the visual environment.  As lighting technology rapidly progresses, our studio utilizes these advances to provide significant energy reductions for each project.  Joining EcoAction Partners and becoming a Certified Green Business is one of several ways we strive to lessen our ecological footprint. 

Contact: Craig Spring at (970) 729-8892