San Miguel County Annual Energy Report for County Facilities

County staff continues to track energy use in the form of electricity, natural gas, propane and unleaded fuel for all San Miguel County facilities and vehicles. They have complete data on all but fuel use from 2009 to the present. This progress report will outline energy savings mainly within County facilities, but several projects have been pursued to address energy reduction and resource efficiency goals county-wide.

Highlights from the report:

  • Energy use and resulting CO2 emissions were down overall in County facilities in 2014 by about 10% from the County’s five year average energy use! 
  • LED lighting retrofit projects continue to show the greatest level of energy savings for our facilities. The largest undertaking in this regard in 2014 was the Sheriff Admin-Jail facility. The current energy savings after the LED install is tracking at about 27% and will represent about a $9,242 (almost $10,000!) savings annually. The final cost for the project was about $24k making the payback a bit over 2.5 years for the expense.

To read the full report, please CLICK HERE.