GREENLIGHTS LED Light Bulb Program

EcoAction Partners is excited to announce GREENLIGHTS, a rebate program sponsored by San Miguel Power Association (SMPA), San Miguel County, Town of Telluride and EcoAction Partners. The program will allow San Miguel County and Town of Telluride residents and businesses the opportunity to purchase LED light bulbs at an extremely discounted rate of up to 75% off through our partner and supplier, Ace Hardware.

SMPA supports the GREENLIGHTS special promotional program by allowing the SMPA light bulb rebate program to be assessed at the time of ordering. Further, the Town of Telluride and San Miguel County are matching 50% of the SMPA rebate!

There are many perks that come with switching over to LED light bulbs, and with the GREENLIGHTS program you will not only have the chance to buy an LED light bulb at 25% of retail, but each light bulb you purchase can save you between $30 and $80 in electricity costs over the lifetime of the bulb, according to To put this into perspective, think about how many light bulbs your home or business currently uses, and then think about how much you could save if you switched to LED light bulbs.

Locally, San Miguel County’s Annual Energy Report for County Facilities found that LED lighting retrofit projects continued to show the greatest level of energy savings for their facilities. For example in 2013 the County expended $34,229 on electricity for one of its facilities. After an LED install the current energy savings is tracking at about 27 percent and will represent about a $9,242 savings annually2. Finally, a great advantage of switching to LED light bulbs is that they use only a fraction (25 to 30 percent) of the energy vs. an incandescent or halogen light bulb, and LED’s last eight to 25 times longer than incandescent or halogen light bulbs, according to

The GREENLIGHTS program’s mission is to encourage San Miguel County and Town of Telluride residents and businesses to switch over to LED light bulbs to save money, reduce energy use and ultimately help the environment. The program will launch on May 4, 2015 and continue through June 5, 2015 (or until the Town of Telluride or San Miguel County funding is expended).

For more information about the program and to purchase discounted LED light bulbs visit