Spring Cleanup - Waste Electronics Recycling-Hazardous Waste Disposal Events

Telluride and San Miguel County will continue the tradition of offering the May spring cleanup events for regional constituents. The electronic waste (e-waste) disposal event will be held Friday and Saturday May 15th and 16th. County staff and devoted volunteers will be managing all aspects of the event this year including accepting materials, collecting fees and sorting the items into appropriate containers and securing on pallets in preparation for shipment to Denver. 

Event Details:
Dates: May 15th and 16th

Hours of Operation: 10am to 4pm Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturday
Location: Society Drive – Lawson Hill – County Parking Lot adjacent to Viking Rentals 

Fees will apply. Small printers, lap-tops, CPU’s and other peripherals and small household electronics will be $10. Monitors and televisions fees vary by size but range between $15 and $40 for large televisions. Large items such as copiers will be handled on a case by case basis. Cords, cell phones and keyboards are free. Only checks and cash can be accepted. 

For Norwood
Wrights Mesa San Miguel County will organize another e-waste disposal event early in the summer. Dates are to be determined. It will be held at the San Miguel Basin Fairgrounds on Summit Street. The same disposal fees will apply. 

The spring disposal event, serving the Telluride area and the Norwood – Wrights Mesa event will constitute the only San Miguel County sponsored disposal programs for this year. 

To volunteer for the spring cleanup e-waste event call Nina Kothe with the San Miguel County Commissioner’s office (970) 728-3844 or email ninak@sanmiguelcountyco.gov.

Other spring cleanup opportunities include the Town of Telluride regional household refuse center operating the same days, May 15th and 16th on Black Bear Road in Telluride 10am to 4pm both days, and the annual San Miguel County Hazardous Waste Disposal Event Saturday the 16th 8am to Noon only, in the rear parking lot of the Telluride High School. 

Spring Cleanup – Household Refuse Event:
Further information: Lita Bilotti (970) 728-2173 lbilotti@telluride-co.gov
Accepts household and garden debris, scrap metal, waste tires (fee), appliances (fee for freon removal), car batteries, and residential (non-commercial) construction debris. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal Event:
Further information: Chris Smith (970) 369-5442 chriss@sanmiguelcountyco.gov
Accepts all household paints, stains, poisons, herbicides, motor oil and related materials. Fees apply on all materials. Fee Schedule Attached. 

(Materials from commercial invoiced separately; from other counties are priced double) 

Liquid paint, stain, varnish, solvents: $1/qt, $2/gal, $10/5 gal bucket 

Spray paint, misc. aerosols: $2 per can 

Caulk, Adhesives, Drywall compound, Spackle, Wood putty: 

Small $1, $2 per qt. or tube, $5 per gal. 

Liquid chemicals, antifreeze, glycol, automotive fluids, motor oil, gasoline, adhesives, acid, bleach and cleaners: $2 for small size, $3 per gal. 

Fertilizer: $2 per container 

Pesticides/poison: $5 per SEALED CONTAINERS ONLY 

Household Batteries: $1 per pound Lithium batteries are not accepted 

Only 1.5 volt AA, AAA C & D may be bulk packed, all others must be insulated. 

Light bulbs/Mercury: 

CFL $2 ea. 4’ fluorescent $2 ea. 8’ fluorescent $3 ea. 

Thermostat $10 ea. Ballasts $10 ea. 

Thermometer $10 ea. 

Fire extinguishers: $15 small, $20 large 

Unpackaged materials; mixed unlike materials; containers within containers; paint buckets with tools or rags inside; radioactive materials, smoke detectors, explosives or shock sensitive materials, ammunition, gas cylinders, electronics, lithium batteries. 

Medical waste including used needles and DEA regulated medicines are not accepted by the disposal contractor. SMC Coroner is managing a drug take back on site, for disposing of any kind of medication, human or pet.