More Benefits Added to Free Weatherization Program

The SMPA IQ Weatherization Program is an energy savings program for low to middle income homeowners or renters, with approval from their landlord. At no cost to participants, EcoAction Partners provides an energy assessment and free energy efficiency upgrades, which can include: LED light bulbs, air sealing, insulation, storm windows, new EnergyStar refrigerator, and now furnace or boiler repair/replacement.

After completing the IQ Weatherization Program, SMPA members are granted a subscription on SMPA’s newest 200-kilowatt Community Solar Array in Norwood. Subscriptions will allow access to a maximum of 2 kilowatts of generation per participant and will last five years after which participants may re-apply. This program will provide convenient access to solar power for income-qualified members, allowing them to save money by tapping into an abundant, local, renewable resource. Best of all, this opportunity is also offered at no cost to the member.
In order to be eligible for Black Hills Energy services, participants should apply through the SMPA IQ Program. The SMPA IQ program is sponsored by our local electric provider, San Miguel Power Association, in partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado and Black Hills Energy.

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