Telluride Green Grants Award Recipients Announced

Earlier this year, the Town of Telluride, along with EcoAction Partners as the administrator, sought applications for Telluride Green Grants, an exciting new grant program for local non-profit, commercial, and residential capital projects focused on delivering measurable reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the Telluride community.

The grant program received 14 applications requesting over $200,000 in total, which made the process for awarding the available $50,000 budget very competitive. In the end, the review committee based their selection on immediate results, tangible and measurable outcomes, higher matching of funds, comfort for residents and energy reduction in the building stock, and support to existing operations that are already providing some level of impact to reduce GHGs.

Grants were awarded to the following organizations/individuals:

The Butcher & The Baker: A bear-proof trailer to transport a larger volume of food waste from the restaurant to their family farm for composting. San Miguel Resource Center: Weatherization projects to make their space more energy efficient. Wilkin Court HOA: Replacement of furnaces for a portion of the units. KOTO Radio: Window replacements recommended by a recent Energy Audit. Planet Bluegrass: Solar charging stations for festival campers. New San Juan HOA: Electric car chargers in two public parking spaces behind the New San Juan building. Viking Lodge HOA: Window replacement and weatherization services. West Willow HOA: Condo insulation. The Ticsay Family: Window repair/replacement.

“It was inspiring to see all of these creative and well-thought-out projects,” says Heather Knox, Executive Director of EcoAction Partners. “Thank you very much to the Town of Telluride for offering this program to help the Telluride community reduce their carbon footprint!”

Funding for the grant program came directly from the Telluride Energy Mitigation Program (TEMP), a program that requires mitigation of energy used by exterior energy systems installed on new construction projects such as driveway snowmelt systems, heated garages, and exterior pools and spas. If energy used by these systems is not mitigated through on-site renewable energy, then a fee in-lieu of mitigation is required to allow the Town to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of the project.

A special thank you to the many who applied and congratulations to all of the grant recipients!