EcoAction Partners Operating the SMPA's IQ Program

In Partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado, EcoAction Partners will be running the San Miguel Power Association's IQ Weatherization Program to help families with lower incomes improve their home efficiency. Participants can receive up to $3,000 in home energy improvements. 

Once accepted into the program, EcoAction Partners sends out an energy advisor to the recipients home to evaluate the home's efficiency. EcoAction Partners will work with local contractors to get the measures (hot water heater blankets, pipe insulations, LED installations, etc) at no cost to the homeowner. Once the homes are made more efficient, the homeowner will be eligible to be enrolled in the IQ Solar Program. 

In partnership with the Clean Energy Collective and Grid Colorado, SMPA's IQ Solar Program will add another solar array to the grid (location still to be determined) and is scheduled to be completed in November 2016. The new panels installed on this array will be reserved for low income households that have completed the IQ Weatherization Program. It's estimated that participants of the program will receive a total of $325,276 over a lifetime and will save an estimated 8,665,439 lbs. of CO2.

These programs are designed to help those who need it most. To see if your household qualifies and to read more info visit the programs link our website by clicking here: SMPA IQ WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM

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Sneffels Waste Diversion Planning Project

EcoAction Partners is focused on diverting waste from landfills. We're pleased to announce we've been selected as recipients for a grant from the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Fund for the creation of a regional composting facility. We will be using this grant to complete a planning process that includes performing waste audits and gathering the data needed to assess the scale of operations needed. Our objective will be to divert of 75% of overall waste from our landfills by reducing the amount of waste at the source, reusing materials, recycling and composting. This grant brings us one step closer to becoming a Zero Waste community.



EcoAction Partners is excited to announce a second round of GREENLIGHTS, a rebate program sponsored by San Miguel Power Association, San Miguel County, the Town of Telluride, the Town of Ridgway and EcoAction Partners. The program allows residents and businesses within San Miguel County, the Town of Telluride and the Town of Ridgway the opportunity to purchase LED light bulbs at an extremely discounted rate of up to 75% off through one of two suppliers: Ace Hardware and Cooperative Business Lighting Partners. 

San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) supports the GREENLIGHTS special LED promotional program by allowing the generous SMPA LED light bulb rebate to be assessed at the time of ordering. Further, the Towns of Telluride and Ridgway, and San Miguel County are matching 50% of the SMPA rebate also at the time or ordering. No rebate paper work is required. By supplying your SMPA account number you are eligible to order discounted bulbs!

There are many perks that come with switching over to LED light bulbs, and with the GREENLIGHTS program you will not only have the chance to buy an LED light bulb at a quarter of the retail price, but each light bulb you purchase can save you between $30 and $80 in electricity costs over the lifetime of the bulb(1). To put this into perspective, think about how many light bulbs your home or business currently uses, and then think about how much you could save if you switched to LED light bulbs.

Locally, San Miguel County’s Annual Energy Report for County Facilities found that LED lighting retrofit projects continued to show the greatest level of energy savings for their facilities. For example in 2013 the County expended $34,229 on electricity for one of its facilities. After an LED install the current energy savings is tracking at about 27 percent and will represent about a $9,242 savings annually. Finally, a great advantage of switching to LED light bulbs is that they use only a fraction (25 to 30 percent) of the energy vs. an incandescent or halogen light bulb, and LED’s last eight to 25 times longer than incandescent or halogen light bulbs(2).

The GREENLIGHTS program’s mission is to encourage San Miguel County and the towns of Telluride and Ridgway residents and businesses to switch over to LED light bulbs to save money, reduce energy and ultimately help the environment. The program launched on October 5, 2015 and will continue through November 15, 2015, or until the Town of Telluride, Town of Ridgway or San Miguel County matching funding is expended. Shop early to ensure funding is still available!

For more information about the program and to purchase discounted LED light bulbs visit