21st Century Energy Transition Symposium

The 6th annual “21st Century Energy Transition” symposium will be held September 28-29, 2016 on the Colorado State University campus.

This event was formerly known as the “Natural Gas Symposium”.

This year’s symposium will broaden its scope to include other energy-related topics, addressing opportunities and challenges in our country’s energy transition. CSU has built a reputation for hosting balanced symposia addressing all sides of the issues around natural gas in Colorado and across the country while remaining an impartial broker of information. Over the years as issues around natural gas continued to became more complex, CSU scientists and researchers created innovative, practical and affordable solutions while partnering with environmental organizations, community and industry. This year’s symposium will broaden the energy topics to include mega trends in energy sources and uses, Energy transition in the Western United States, global barriers to meet climate change goals and “Energy 101” sessions, to name a few topics. 

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