Recognizing the power of collaboration, EcoAction Partners formed the Sneffels Energy Board in 2009 to address sustainability at a regional level. Specifically, reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and consumption of valuable natural resources in the region through coordinated community engagement, project implementation, and policy change at both local and state levels.


HOW IT works

The Carbon Neutral Coalition measures our region's total carbon emissions produced from building energy use, transportation, food consumption and waste. Collectively, the CNC seeks to reduce, offset and ultimately eliminate carbon pollution by:

  • Striving to decouple economic growth from pollution 
  • Engaging our community with outreach to reduce emissions
  • Pursuing carbon neutrality through innovative policies, energy reduction strategies, renewable energy, and initiatives to sequester carbon through agricultural practices and land management throughout San Miguel County

Using the 2018 baseline for Carbon Emissions data in the Telluride region, the CNC will implement a Drawdown identifying areas in our community where significant Carbon Emissions reductions can be implemented, to lower the region's emissions to zero in the next 10 years. 


locations available

The Carbon Neutral Coalition is currently focused on Telluride and surrounding San Miguel County with intentions on growing this movement throughout the region. 


participating partners  

The CNC includes representatives from San Miguel County, Mountain Village and Ophir governments, Sheep Mountain Alliance, Mountainfilm Independent, and members of the community.



On January 7, 2018, the San Juan Independent hosted the Carbon Neutral Forum. The event was well attended and provided valuable information on what different entities in our region are working on toward the goal of carbon neutrality.  Participants heard from EcoAction Partners, the Pinhead Climate Institute, the Town of Telluride, and San Miguel County.  

More events will be scheduled in the future, so stay tuned by signing up for the EcoAction newsletter and following the CNC