Certified Green Festivals

Whether it be size, demographic, or theme, every festival generates different types and amounts of waste and emissions. EcoAction Partners works with each individual festival to establish baseline sustainability practices, and then identifies specific areas to improve upon. We encourage each festival and event in the region to engage with us in taking actions to reduce their carbon footprint and be part of the carbon neutral movement.


Telluride mountainfilm

Telluride Mountainfilm became Green Certified in 2017. Mountainfilm encourages attendees to bring their own plates and utensils to events and sources biodegradable plates from a local provider. They also offer only vegetarian menus from local restaurant La Cocina at festival events. Mountainfilm’s New Normal Initiative took the program to the next level by stepping up efforts to reduce in-house greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and worked with local organizations to encourage festival participants to take GHG reduction actions. Further, Mountainfilm partnered with the Pinhead Institute to promote the May Ranch carbon offset program. The May Ranch program works to preserve a piece of native grassland east of Pueblo, CO that serves as the last intact wildlife corridor in the region.

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planet bluegrass

Planet Bluegrass is a leader in the green festival movement, tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all aspects of the festival including festival vehicle emissions, electricity use, and travel by festivarians, which accounted for 88% of GHG in 2016. In order to offset this inherent part of any festival, Bluegrass includes the price of carbon offsets in the cost of a ticket. Through their actions the Telluride Bluegrass Festival avoided approximately 2,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2016. EcoAction Partners is reviewing this model in order to guide other Telluride festivals to track and reduce carbon emissions and waste.