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San Miguel County Hazardous Materials Disposal

San Miguel County Hazardous Materials Disposal 
Dates: Saturday, May 16th only
Hours: 8am to 12pm
Location: Telluride Middle High School, North parking lot
More info or to volunteer: Chris Smith, 970.369.5442
Fees will apply.

Accepted items: Household batteries, paint, stain, varnish, solvents, mercury, CFL’s bulb and fluorescent tubes, thermometers, thermostats, ballasts, acid, automotive fluids(gas, oil, antifreeze), fertilizer, pesticides, poison, herbicide, fungicide, pool chemicals, photo chemicals, cleaning products, drain openers, aerosols, adhesives and tar.

Non accepted Items: Unpackaged materials, paint buckets with tools or rags inside, radioactive material, smoke detectors, tires, car batteries, explosives/shock sensitive materials, ammo, gas/propane cylinders, biohazard, needles, medical waste and DEA regulated medicines.

The San Miguel County Coroner’s Office will have a receptacle at the hazardous collection event to collect any unwanted or expired medicine for human or pet at no cost.