EcoAction Partners is the region’s resource for collecting, analyzing and reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions data. Since 2010, we have been tracking Greenhouse Gas emissions data in the region in an effort to guide progress and goals. 


HOW IT Was developed & what data shows 

The comprehensive GHG Inventory baseline report for San Miguel and Ouray Counties was developed by the University of Colorado at Denver: Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems. EcoAction Partners annually updates the report and performs further analysis of energy use at both regional and local levels.

The report aggregates regional emissions from utility energy, transportation (including airline travel), waste, food, water and wastewater treatment” and other trans-boundary contributions. Beginning in 2010, the seven-year data trends reflect progress toward reducing emissions 20% by 2020 from the 2010 baseline in the context of our region’s weather, economic, visitor and population fluctuations.


locations tracked 

Greenhouse Gas emissions data is being tracked in Ouray County and San Miguel County. 


why this information is useful

Interpreting the Inventory results helps to shed light on the factors driving our emissions trends, demonstrating the success of energy efficiency programs and renewable energy projects to date, and informing where to direct continued energy conservation efforts. The Inventory results and analysis are shared annually with each government and their communities to facilitate continued progress toward reduction goals. 

From the baseline emissions study completed in 2010, it was clear that over 50% of our emissions came from energy use – essentially, the electricity, natural gas and propane used to power our homes and businesses. To address this major source of regional GHG emissions, EcoAction Partners and the Sneffels Energy Board set reducing energy use from fossil fuels as a top priority.


2010-2016 Greenhouse gas emissions inventory results