In response to concerns from Certified Green Businesses, EcoAction Partners has launched an experimental 6 month plastic film recycling program. Trex Decking uses plastic film to make 100% post-consumer products in the USA. This program is ongoing through November 24, 2019 and will be assessed for permanent implementation then.

Bags will be weighed and dropped off at a to-be-announced location in downtown Telluride. They will be driven to a business in Montrose that has allowed us to piggyback on their existing backhaul to Denver where bags are baled and sent to Trex facilities in Nevada and Virginia. For businesses and individuals with larger quantities, we are collecting a $0.25 fee per pound to cover labor and transportation costs for this recycling experiment. This fee may be adjusted up or down after actual operation costs are determined.

7/25/2019 UPDATE

EcoAction Partners is working with Carry On Ridgway Reuses to collect plastic films in Ridgway. Updates will be released here, on our facebook page, and through our monthly newsletter.

6/5/2019 Update

The Telluride collection point is open! It is located behind the San Miguel County building (Second Chance Thrift Shop). A Ridgway location is in the works.

For Small Quantities

Grocery bag volume or smaller

Put plastic film in the cardboard receptacles – no charge

For Larger Quantities

More than a grocery bag

1.     Weigh your pre-bundled plastic films on the hanging scale and leave in the shed (exterior bag must be CLEAR)

2.     Record the weight and your information on the log sheet

3.     EcoAction Partners will invoice you monthly at $0.25 per pound

During this startup period, the fee will be $0.25 per pound. This amount may be adjusted up or down depending on volume received and actual operating costs. Thank you to San Miguel County for allowing this alley space to be utilized!

Plastic Film Dropoff Map.jpg

Do not include:

• Degradable/compostable bags or film packaging
• Pre-washed salad mix bags
• Frozen food bags
• Candy bar wrappers
• Chip bags
• Six-pack rings
• Other recyclables; this waste stream is for plastic film only

Not Sure?

1. Check to see if the packaging is labeled with a 2 or 4. If so, it can be included.
2. See if the packaging will stretch when you pull it. If so, it can be included.
3. Is the packaging shiny or make a crinkly/crunchy sound. If so, it’s NOT acceptable.

When in doubt, throw it out!

Don’t contaminate the rest of the load

What can be recycled?

All plastic must be clean, dry and free of food residue

• Grocery bags
• Packaging Air Pillows
• Ziplock & reclosable food storage bags
• Dry cleaning bags
• Bread bags
• Cereal Liners
• Trash bags, any color
• Newspaper sleeves
• Ice bags
• Wood pellet bags
• Produce bags
• Bubble wrap
• Salt bags
• Case overwrap
• LDPE / HDPE Films
• 2, 4 polyethylene film

Use less plastic to start with

• Choose products packaged without plastic, or with less plastic
• Shop naked - skip the plastic bag for your veggies
• Use re-usable bottles & containers
• Buy drinks in glass instead of plastic
• Keep using fabric grocery bags (or paper when you forget them)


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