San Miguel Power Association offers renewable energy rebates for commercial and residential solar power systems. 


The Green Block program is an SMPA renewable energy initiative that allows members to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset their energy consumption. These credits are called Green Blocks and cost $1.00 per block, per month. One block represents 100 kilowatt hours of renewable energy. The average home uses approximately 800 kilowatt hours per month, therefore most members would need eight Green Blocks to offset their total monthly energy consumption. 

The Green Cents program is a simple and easy way for members to raise money to support community renewable energy projects. Members can choose to have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar. For example, if your bill is $72.37, you'll pay $73. The rounded up portion goes into the Renewable Energy Fund, which is used for the development of renewable energy projects within SMPA's service territory.


Service Providers 

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