The San Miguel Energy Forum was an action packed event featuring a panel of regional energy and fuel leaders that presented an array of topics related to energy efficiency. EcoAction Partners' Executive Director, Heather Knox introduced the presenters panel and introduced the San Miguel Power Association IQ Weatherization Program. Kim Wheels, the Energy Programs Coordinator for EcoAction Partners along with the Energy Action Coordinators: Nina Kothe, Karen Guglielmone, Deanna Drew gave an informed presentation on Greenhouse Gas reduction, Energy Tracking, and AuditsKris Holstrum presented on our current initiatives for recycling, composting, and special disposal was covered as well. 

Patricia Hall and Tim Hess from Black Hills Energy (previously SourceGas) presented on their energy efficiency program as well as their commitment to sustainability. Paul Hora from San Miguel Power Association presented on rebates and efficiency programs available. San Miguel Power Association recently launched an exciting Income Qualified “IQ” Weatherization and Solar Project, which will help qualifying homeowners and renters in the SMPA service area in reducing their electricity costs.

Laurie Dickinson & Matthew Shmigelski from 4CORE, the Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency presented on alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. Alpine Bank's Todd Baize announced Energy Efficiency Loans and Financing available. 

The forum was well attended and open to all commercial and residential building managers including local hotel, condo, building management and HOA personnel were encouraged to attend. This forum helped them learn about building efficiency to aid them in saving money for their companies and clients and to reduce their building’s footprint on the environment. 

Special thank you to our EcoAction Partners: SMPA, Black Hills Energy, San Miguel County, and the Towns of Telluride, and the      

Town of Mountain Village for sponsoring this event.


To view the presentations please click the links below.

San Miguel Power Association - Paul Hora

Black Hills Energy Presentation (formerly Source Gas) - Patricia Hall & Tim Hess

 Natural Gas Vehicles by Black Hills Energy - Patricia Hall & Tim Hess

EcoAction Partners   - Heather Knox, Kim Wheels, Kris Holstrum

 Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4Core) - Laurie Dickinson & Matthew Shmigelski

 Energy Action Coordinators -

  • Nina Kothe - San Miguel County 
  • Karen Guglielmone - Town of Telluride
  • Deanna Drew - Town of Mountain Village

 Alpine Bank - Todd Baize


Topics covered included:

  • Energy efficiency assistance for mid-income individuals and families
  • Programs and rebates available through San Miguel Power Association and Black Hills Energy
  • Benefits of tracking your energy use; energy audits
  • Financing energy efficiency improvements
  • LED lighting and other pertinent technology
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Regional composting and recycling