Ecoaction partners with communities, businesses and events to help reduce and divert waste from landfills through recycling, composting and education.

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compost, trash & recycling program

We work with festivals, events and organizations in our region to help them reduce and divert waste. Efforts involve working with event management to ensure sourcing local and organic food vendors, use of compostable and recyclable products, educating festival staff and attendees, training and managing volunteers for Compost, Recycling and Trash (CRT) stations.


regional composting network

As a starter program, EcoAction Partners is applying for grant funds to purchase and install 6 compost units that will be placed at locations in Telluride, Mountain Village, Ophir, Ridgway and Ouray – creating neighborhood’ composting centers. The compost center locations have been selected based on estimated usage, output and space available within existing secure areas.