The Green Business Certification Program assists businesses in San Miguel and Ouray counties with identifying, prioritizing & implementing sustainability actions. Typical improvements result in reduced energy use and utility bills, recycling system improvements, and other environmentally-friendly actions that reduce the business’s carbon footprint.  EcoAction Partners will help you identify impactful improvements that are realistic for your business and connect you with the resources to implement those changes. We provide information on government and utility financial incentives and help you navigate the paperwork process. We are a clearinghouse for solutions to common issues for businesses in our unique location, and we are asking you to be our partner in reducing our community’s carbon footprint.



Be an active Partner in reducing the community’s carbon footprint

Protect the longevity and vitality of our unique rural community by taking action to reduce energy use and waste from your business from a holistic approach. Spending less on utilities means reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Save your business money

An efficient building has significantly lower overhead costs, but the initial investment to upgrade can be daunting. Let us connect you with the many rebates, incentives, grants, and low interest loans available to reduce or sometimes entirely pay for upgrade costs.

Be a BUSINESS Leader in the LOCAL sustainable movement

Lead the way towards establishing a community of businesses implementing and upholding sustainable practices. Set an example for other businesses and be a part of the growing movement of businesses making a difference! After becoming Green Business Certified you will receive a seal of certification and signed certificate representing that your business is regionally recognized as an active sustainability leader.



The Green Business CERTIFICATE Program is currently available in San Miguel & Ouray CountIES.

After an initial consultation, EcoAction Partners provides recommendations for improvements to conserve energy, reduce waste, and save money.

  1. Contact us by phone (970) 728-1340 or fill out the form

  2. Schedule an initial consultation with a Green Business Coordinator

  3. Receive recommendations for sustainable improvements

  4. Connect with government and utility financial incentives to help pay for improvements

  5. Make installations and systems improvements from initial consultation recommendations list

  6. Receive certification upon completion of upgrades & payment of certification fee

  7. Set goals to work toward during the next year and longer term

  8. Re-certify annually

As a certified business EcoAction Partners will market your business on our website and provide a signed certificate with your logo, green seal of certification window cling & standard window cling. Act now!

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  • Cost of Certification:

    • First time Certification = $150 for non-profits | $250 for profit business | $450 for business spaces larger than 10,000 square feet

    • Recertification = 50% of cost of initial certification fee up to $150 per business

       *This year EcoAction Partners has secured funding from the Town of Telluride as a 2019 Incentives Program to cover 50% of the certification fee for 2019 qualifying Telluride businesses (covers up to $150 per business).

  • What does the cost of certification pay for:

    • A consultation that is customized to you business that includes a walk-thru of the building to identify energy saving opportunities

    • Professional guidance navigating government and utility financial incentives that help your business pay for upgrades

    • Connection with comprehensive energy audits and contractors for larger upgrade

    • Our coordinators will help you find solutions to your business’ specific sustainability concerns

  • The Towns of Telluride, Mountain Village, Ridgway, City of Ouray and San Miguel and Ouray Counties recognize this certification regionally as a sustainable initiative.

  • As a certified business EcoAction Partners will market your business on our website and provide a signed certificate with their logo, green seal of certification window cling & standard window cling.

  • The mission of the Green Business Certification Program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ultimately achieve carbon neutrality in our region. EcoAction Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


The following businesses have taken the steps to identify, prioritize and successfully complete energy efficiency improvements, waste reduction practices, and conservation measures.

Read more about our Green Business Certified Community


As part of our Green Business Program, EcoAction Partners is developing partnerships with Green Business Service Providers. These are businesses that provide services to help residences and businesses in using less energy and reducing their environmental impact, including energy efficiency services, solar providers, lighting experts, and more.