This program is sponsored by our local electric provider, San Miguel Power Association, in partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado and Black Hills Energy. IQ stands for Income Qualified, because the program is for low to middle income households. This is provided at no cost to participating households. EcoAction Partners provides an energy assessment and free energy efficiency upgrades that MAY include furnace/boiler replacement for older units, a new Energy Star refrigerator, attic, floor, and wall insulation, LED bulb replacement, and more. Once the home has completed the Weatherization Program, participants are eligible for a subscription to energy generated by the new SMPA IQ Solar Array in Norwood in the form of a free credit on your electricity bill.

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SMPA members with income less than that specified per county and household are eligible (see below table). Renters who meet the income criteria are eligible with landlord's approval. It is a benefit for landlords to participate because the program provides improvements to their house or apartment. 

Who is eligible?

All San Miguel Power Association members with income less that that listed below. This includes renters (with landlord permission) and homeowners.

2019 Income Limits.png

Step 1: Apply. Your application is reviewed by Energy Outreach Colorado

Step 2: Energy Assessment. Approved applications are sent to EcoAction Partners and an energy specialist will contact you to schedule an energy assessment. The assessor checks for air leaks, examines the health and safety of your appliances, installs some insulation, replaces light bulbs with LEDs, replaces aerators and showerheads, and looks for other opportunities for you to save energy and money.

Step 3: Contractor Installs. Based on what the energy assessor finds, and if you are a Black Hills Energy customer he MAY hire contractors to perform SOME of the following work:

  • Clean & tune your furnace/boiler

  • Perform air sealing like gap filling, window caulking, and weatherstripping around doors & windows

  • Install attic insulation, crawlspace wall insulation, duct insulation, wall insulation, an/or rim insulation

  • Deliver & install a new Energy Star refrigerator and properly dispose of the old one

  • Install floor/belly insulation

  • Install storm windows on windows with single pane glass

  • Replace the furnace/boiler if your unit has less than 80% AFUE

Please note that not all homes are eligible to receive all of these items. This work is dependent on the condition of existing equipment and if you are or are not a Black Hills Energy customer.

Step 4: Final Inspection & Solar Credit. The energy assessor from EcoAction Partners inspects the contractors work. You are now eligible to receive a FREE credit on your SMPA electricity bill. This energy comes from the new community solar array in Norwood.

Step 5: Stay warmer in the winter and enjoy lower electricity and natural gas bills forever!


locations available

This program is available to all income-qualified members of San Miguel Power Association.

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how to apply

Click below to download and complete the application. For more information, you can also give us a call at 970-728-1340 or send us an email.


Mail your application: Energy Outreach Colorado Attn: CARE Program 225 E. 16th Avenue, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80203



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