Recognizing the power of collaboration, EcoAction Partners formed the Sneffels Energy Board in 2009 to address sustainability at a regional level. Specifically, reducing GHG emissions and consumption of valuable natural resources in the region through coordinated community engagement, project implementation, and policy change at both local and state levels.


HOW IT works

The Sneffels Energy Board brings together local leaders to collaborate on setting and accomplishing regional sustainability goals. Partners of the Board meet quarterly to share information & experiences, design successful regional programs, identify new opportunities, and analyze progress. Advantages of this regional approach include a stronger voice to influence political change, greater leverage for grants, ability to address regional challenges together and improved sharing of best practices.


participating partners  

EcoAction coordinates the Sneffels Energy Board with government and staff representatives from San Miguel and Ouray counties, the towns of Telluride, Mountain Village, Ophir, Norwood, Ridgway and the City of Ouray as well as utility partners, San Miguel Power Association, Black Hills Energy and citizen group representatives.


results & Accomplishments

  • Establish Regional Sustainability Goals
  • Publish the Collaborative Sustainability Action Plan to guide program implementation regionally
  • Annually collect, analyze and report on regional greenhouse gas emissions data
  • Gather and share information from the Colorado statewide sustainability network
  • Develop and award regional grant programs
  • Identify regional opportunities to partner on waste reduction initiatives
  • Adoption of building energy conservation codes across the region
  • Activation of Energy Mitigation Programs in Telluride and Mountain Village to address external energy consumption (such as heated driveways)